Gentle Medicine + Powerful Plants: Essential Oil Awareness

· G E N T L E · M E D I C I N E ·


At the root of my own self-healing journey, and that which led me to create Wildflower company is slow, gentle plant medicine. From nourishing myself with good food from the Earth, drinking herbal teas + tinctures to maintain wellness and vitality, or using plant infused oils in skincare. I believe the best daily medicine we can give ourselves is usually gentle and of the Earth. In particular plant infused oils have become a big part of my daily skincare rituals and one of my biggest offerings through Wildflower Company.

I believe infused plant oils offer us so much in the way of healing & re-connecting with nature and ourselves.

Infused oils use whole parts of the plant infused in oil and don’t require a lot of plant material to create large jars of gentle, healing oil. Infused oils are also relatively simple to make and can be made at home. The old, wise art of making your own infused plant oil is medicine in itself and they are lovely to have on hand for everything from skincare and first aid to cooking!


 · ( W ) H O L I S T I C · H E A L T H ·

I truly feel that the rise in natural healing & holistic health is our bodies feeling the call of our Mother Earth. For too long we tried to live in separation from her, in denial or unaware of our connection with all living beings. We forgot our connection to the flower and the bee.

But we are starting to remember…

foot in

We are a few molecules away from being bananas after all (seriously, just a few molecules separate us from being actual bananas) and what heals the Earth, heals us too.

We are starting to remember that to be healthy is more than just taking care of our physical body. It’s our spiritual and emotional well being too.

But.. with more and more people remembering and seeking “natural health” and “holistic” wellness comes more and more greedy corporations ready to jump in and exploit “the latest trend”. Which has led to further exploitation of the planet and it’s people.

Which leads me into my next topic… The murky waters of the essential oil industry.

 · E S S E N T I A L · O I L S ·

In contrast to gentle, slow infused plant oils, essential oils take huge amounts of precious plant material to create small amounts of highly concentrated oil. The process requires distillation which the average person can’t do at home. Some essential oils are more difficult to extract because instead of being externally secreted by the plant, the oils are stored in tiny cavities or ducts within the plant, making up such a small amount of the plant itself making the yields small.

For example, 10,000 pounds of rose petals are needed in order to produce a single pound of essential oil! If you think about this and then think about the HUGE amount of essential oils being sold and mass-marketed by multi-level marketing companies it’s easy to see how the waters can be muddied. Or the Oils I should say..

To meet demands large companies are exploiting already threatened plant populations and planting huge crops where there is currently no organic certification required. Meaning GMO crops where pesticides have been sprayed are often used.

There is also currently no certification required for therapeutic grade essential oils. This means that companies are able to get away with labeling essential oils as “100% Pure” when in actuality they may only contain as little as 3% of actual pure essential oil. The use of fillers like synthetics, dyes, fragrances and carrier oils is common. Another trick of the industry is to combine higher grade essential oils with cheaper alternatives, like combining High Grade Cinnamon oil with lower grade Cassia oil.

The kicker: as holistic & natural healing becomes more popular essential oils are being branded as holistic health cures for everything under the sun which couldn’t be further from true (w)holistic health or the truth. This is dangerous. The continued misuse & exploitation of essential oils is giving natural health a bad name while hurting people & plants.

I am not trying to say ‘avoid all essential oils!‘ There is certainly a time & place where essential oils can’t be beat. Aromatherapy itself has many therapeutic benefits and the use of pure essential oils has been found to have tremendous healing results for a wide range of imbalances of the mind, body and spirit.

What I am trying to say is that true (w)holistic health focuses on a wide range of healing facets and not just one. I’m trying to say that just because something has essential oils in it doesn’t make it automatically good or safe.

It is important to do research before buying essential oils and seek out smaller companies that distill their own essential oils and/or can guarantee purity.  Some things to look for when picking essential oils are the source of the oil, whether or not they’ve been tested for purity, and where the plant material used was grown and picked.

cedarPictured above is Cedarwood Atlas essential oil bottled by Body Releaf, in Port aux Basques, NL. 

Once you are confident in the purity of your essential oils, it is important to use them safely and treat them as the potent medicine that they are. Do your own research on the healing benefits and safety precautions of that particular oil and use with caution, respect, moderation and love.


Essential oils are extremely powerful. Most of them should very rarely (if ever) be used in their pure, undiluted or “neat” form and should never be ingested. Unless otherwise recommended by a trained Aromatherapist or other type of experienced natural healer.

Essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil before being applied to skin or added to bath water. There are some cases with less potent essential oils like Tea Tree and Lavender where applying small amounts of neat oil to the skin may be recommended but should be done so with caution and never added neat to bath water.

When applying small amounts of neat oil to the skin, the oil quickly evaporates and absorbs into the skin, however when added undiluted straight to bath water the oils sit on top of the water and can burn or irritate the skin. It is recommended to dilute essential oils in carrier oils and salts before adding to the bath.

Carrier oils can range from coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed, almond, etc.. As long as it is a natural oil that is safe for skin it should be good to use. Liquid oils work best, and the infused plant oils I mentioned above can be transformed into the most beautiful body oil with just a few drops of essential oil!

Using too much or undiluted essential oil can cause skin irritation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and even panic attacks depending on the oils used.

It is always better to use a little less essential oils than too much as a little goes a long way! A general rule of thumb for topical dilution of essential oils is 25 drops of carrier oil to 1 drop of essential oil. This can differ for children and pregnant women, and extra caution should be used before using essential oils on children or while pregnant.

Always use extreme caution when diffusing or using essential oils around infants or pregnant women. Some essential oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary can be dangerous.  Eucalyptus and Rosemary are on the list of essential oils to avoid using on children under age 10. Peppermint is not recommended for children under the age of 6. 

Let’s use these precious gifts in moderation, safely & with respect.


 · P O W E R F U L  · P L A N T S ·

I will leave you with a quote from a very good book.

If you want to meet the most powerful plants in the world, just open your door and step outside. They are growing all around you. If you don’t believe me, or if you have a taste for romantic locations, you can go elsewhere. But if you stay there long enough, it comes down to the same thing: dealing with the local weeds.” – Eliot Cowan ‘Plant Spirit Medicine’




 Stay safe friends & respect the plants! 


Sources of Information Here:

Environmental Impacts of Essential Oils
Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Children?
Herbal Academy’s Guide to Essential Oil Safety

*None of this is intended as medical advice and is of my own experience and training. Please use own research and discretion.

Love Jus 



Our Auras connect our physical body with Spirit.

The Aura exists in relation to the 7 wheels of energy in and around our body, called the Chakras. The Aura surrounds our physical body like a rainbow of light and colors that extend right out into the universe, connecting us with the divine and every sentient being. The 7 layers of colour change based on our physical well being, emotions and personality. The Aura functions in relation to the Chakras and together with our electromagnetic field they make up what can be called the subtle body.

They exist to help to maintain mind, body, spirit balance in the body.


Our Auras are made of light and sounds, wavelengths and frequencies that vibrate outside of our visible spectrum. Although some people do have the gift of seeing Auras, most of us cannot. Other species, like the Bird, are able to see a much larger range of colours in the spectrum. I believe they can see Auras too.

When we are healthy, truly healthy there will be balance and harmony between mind, body and spirit. In this state of balance, the body will be free of dis-ease, energy and life force will flow freely and the aura will shine a beautiful rainbow in relation with our Chakra wheels. When we are in dis-ease, or dis-harmony, and unbalanced, in short, we become sick. When we are not in alignment with our Spirit we can harbour disease and illness.

When we are ill our Chakras are unbalanced, and energies may be blocked, these unbalances and blockages show within the aura as different colours or hues. The physical body and Aura naturally want to be in a state of balance and as we learn about ourselves, and let our true Spirit be free we can seek to achieve balance and wellness of mind, body and spirit. The Aura itself can be healed by finding out what is out of balance and seeking to bring it back into equilibrium, by using vibration we can change certain frequencies and bring health back into alignment. 

To get a sense of your personal Aura, you need to get in touch with you. The true you. Underneath it all. The Spirit waiting to be set free. Life picks away at many of us, we hide parts of ourselves for work or out of fear or necessity. Sometimes we hide so much of our true Self that our Spirits and hearts suffer, we become riddled with diseases of mind and body but we trudge on because we must. Bills need be paid, or someone needs our attention, etc.. But you and your health are priority. 

Self-care is our personal responsibility, and is the only way to collectively heal and move forward into this new age. Self-healing doesn’t need to be a chore. In fact it’s beautiful. It’s about taking care of you and coming into alignment with your divine purpose. Take the time to get in touch with your Spirit. Ask yourself the important questions. Are you Happy? Are you stressed? Do you take an active role in your own healing? When was the last time you danced or felt free? When was the last time you made yourself a meal with every color of the rainbow? When did you last communicate your emotions? Be honest with yourself. It won’t take long to find out if there are parts out of balance.

beauty aura

::: {   A l i g n i n g  W i t h  N a t u r a l  R h y t h m s  } :::

Even though most of us cannot physically feel or see our Aura, you can often sense it. The way you can feel someone watching you before you see them, or the way you can feel someone coming up behind you before you hear them. They entered your Auric field.

Every sentient being, from Wild Rose to Seagull has an Aura. Everything vibrating at different frequencies. A great dance, some notes coming together to create a pleasing song, others clashing and creating disharmony. When you understand that everything has a vibration and a frequency, and our Aura radiates out from our physical body extending into the Universe, we begin to see how we are aligned with natural rhythms. When we are in balance with ourselves, we are in balance with the universe and our divine purpose.

Do what makes your spirit soar and feel free.
Do what makes you feel jovial and happy.
Do what makes your inner child feel nourished.
Listen to the little voice inside calling out..

Come into alignment with your true Self.

And your Aura will shine with every colour of the rainbow ~

auara a

Practical tips for changing frequencies & healing the aura:

  • Aromatherapy and Essential oils can aid in balancing the chakras
  • Plant medicine in the form of Tincture and/or Flower essences to help maintain wellness and vitality
  • Sit with nature, plants have healing Auras. Just sitting with some plants can have a very calming and balancing effect on the body & Aura
  • Nutrition, home cooked nutritious meals engage creativity. Nourishing to mind, body and soul.
  • Bath Therapy ~ a therapeutic bath can be as simple as submerging the body in water
  • Listening to Music ~ lovely healing way to connect with spirit and change frequencies
  • Journal Writing, and or creative writing, soul on to paper
  • Colour Therapy ~ wearing or eating or painting etc.. with certain colours to engage those Chakras
  • Art Therapy ~ create something! doesn’t have to be good, just let it be honest
  • Meditation ~ this is so important for so many reasons. it can help in clearing the energy, not just your own, but the energy around you.
  • Exercise & Motion, Move your body, Dance if you can
  • Massage, both auric & physical massage therapy
  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Smoke cleansing & other forms of spiritual protection ~ Protect your energy! (this could be a post in itself)

Dream Talk & The Importance of Listening to the Messages from the Other side…

I believe in the magic of dreams.

dreamy 2

I believe in the messages & inspiration that can come through the spirit realm into our subconscious. I believe we have the power to communicate with, visit and be visited by other spirits, even the dead, all while sleeping.

My dreams have been particularly vivid lately and I am of the belief that when our dreams become more vibrant, and the messages more clear, that is when it is most important for us to pay attention to them, to what is trying to come through them, to us, so that it may come ::through:: us. Our dreams and visions are unique to each of us as individuals, based on our own unique spirit, ancestry, past and experiences. This means that the messages coming through are for us to tell, and to deny them, or quiet them, would be to deny a part of the self. Our true, full self. Denial of the self can lead to manifestations of illness both emotionally and physically. I would like to start using this space to share of my true self, authentically. And for me, that means sharing dreams.

I recently had a dream that I was walking through a beautiful forest, and I came upon a perfect circle of flowering trees.. Apple trees I believe. There seemed to be light shining on and from this circle of blossoming trees and there were petals falling majestically.  I walked up and stood there in the center surrounded by the trees with light pink petals blanketing the ground.. I felt so safe and happy there. But I left.. I left the center of healing light and walked on through the dark forest in search of what? I don’t know.  I walked on and on as an uneasy feeling grew until I was at the edge of the forest, on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I wanted to go down to ‘mother ocean’, I remember calling her by name in my dream, ‘Mother Ocean’.  As I walked down to sea she tried to swallow me up. The water had appeared calm from the cliff but as I got closer the waves grew bigger. I tried to go back up into the forest but then it sealed shut, a large white industrial door came down and sealed off the forest.. and I was cast into the rising sea.


The dream keeps reappearing in my mind, I keep seeing the circle of trees with their glowing light and falling petals. I believe it to be a symbol for my center. My heart center. When I am living in my truth, in my heart center, grounded in source, I am my ::self:: my true self manifested in this physical plane. Within that center, I am most in line with my true spiritual path. The message coming through is that I need not wander from my center, everything I seek is within and when I am in that space ::spiritually:: I will align with my true path, I need not charge on in look of fulfillment, it is here, it is now.

Thanks for reading folks! Please feel free to comment with interpretations or share your dream messages and experiences with the dream realm.


Much love flower sniffers! xx

Rose Magic

Collecting wild roses in the warmth of the summer sun ~ so blessed we are here in Newfoundland to have this sacred and medicinal wild rose growing abundantly

These precious ‘Rosa Rugosa’ petals are currently infusing in brandy with New Brunswick honey for a heart opening & healing tincture. 

The rose is my favorite healing flower, anytime spent with her is pure magic. 

Leo Fire

The energy in the sky moves from Water (Cancer) to Fire (Leo) with the New Moon joining the Sun, Mercury & Mars in the realm of Leo on July 23rd. 

Leo calls us to fuel our FIRE. Reminding us of the unique flame inside all of us. Leo says, do what makes you feel charged and fully LIT

Share the creativity that you’ve stored up inside your belly and let it birth forth like a flower in the summer sun.

Enjoy the gifts of this joyous season! Have fun and laugh and express yourself! Start a dream journal, colour, attempt that creative project you’ve been thinking of, nurture your inner child. 

With LOVE from a Leo on an Island. 

Backyard medicine pt. 2 

Summer is here in Newfoundland and medicine is growing all around us. 

The smell of sweet fragrant Wild Rose dances on the wind & nourishing Red Clover grows at our feet and delights our senses with it’s flashes of purple. Sturdy yarrow springs up among the tall grass with its fluffy leaves and distinct white flowers. Not only are these flowers therapeutic to look at and smell, they are very healing to many of the bodies systems. 

These are some of my all time favorite local Newfoundland healers. Seen here in this basket picked in my backyard to be dried for topical skincare oils. 

Also in the basket is some Calendula from my garden which will also be dried for infused oil. 

These herbs and flowers can all be washed and dried and enjoyed in tea, floral steams or prepared in tincture. If you feel called to these herbs I will be working with all 3 preperations this summer and offering them through my business Wild Flower Co. 

Enjoy this beautiful summer and the blessings it brings, take time to sit with and smell the flowers. Talk to yarrow, just don’t be surprised when she answers. ✨

Summer Sun & Mama Cancer

The sun is riding high in Mother Cancer, lighting up everything and bringing warmth to all of us in the North.

Like seeds we waited in the dark of our hard shells for what seemed like so long.

There is no hiding now, as the bright sun shines light on even our shadows, urging us to step into our most true and best self.

The message is: to break free from outdated structures, limiting concepts or ideals. Clear out the clutter of old lives no longer being lived and step into your own divine light. Leave behind our hard shells that we no longer need.

~ To let your own authentic self shine like the summer sun ~

Like the flowers we bloom now.


However, with the sun, mars and mercury all in the sensitive realm of Mother Cancer, the shining sun & it’s dominant masculine energy urging us to action, may seem a little too bright right now. Maybe you are a little tender and raw outside the comfort of your shell. That’s natural.

We are soft flowers still, remember this.

Be gentle with yourself, give yourself hugs & sit by the water if you can.

The energy is potent for NURTURING GROWTH, so let yourself be tender, let yourself bloom in the warmth of the sun.

Backyard Medicine Pt. 1 – Oxymel

The warmth of Summer is here and the abundance of Spring and Summer blooms are all around us. Wildflowers and wild herbs rich in nourishment are growing, for many of us, right in our own backyard.

Whether you’re an herbalist or just wanting to benefit from these nutrients and minerals, the sheer abundance of wild edibles and herbs (especially during the warm season) can be overwhelming. 

Many people miss out on these gifts simply because they are unaware or don’t know where to begin as far as preparation goes.

Just for fun, I thought I would share some preparations that I have learned. The first one is Oxymel. Oxymel is an old recipe, derived from the Latin word oxymeli meaning acid + honey.


It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. It can be made different ways, but what I use is Apple Cider Vinegar and Raw Organic Honey. This base of acid + honey then becomes your vessel that you infuse your chosen herbs, flowers and/or berries in. 

You can choose to make an Oxymel for medicinal or nutritive purposes (or both). The ratio of vinegar to honey is based on your own personal preference and what you would like the end result to be.

For example, you could be aiming to create more of a sipping vinegar filled with specific medicinal herbs for the purpose of clearing out a chest cold, boosting the immune system, stimulating lymphatic flow etc.. Or you could just want nutrient infused vinegar that you can then use in cooking preparations, like yummy immune boosting salad dressings!

Either way, the standard preparation is the same.

You will need:

~ A clean, sterilized Mason Jar

~ Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

~ Raw and/or organic honey

~ Fresh wildflowers, herbs or berries

Place desired plant material (In the pictured Oxymel, I used Viola Tricolors) into the mason jar (1/4 – 1/5 of the way full), cover with the apple cider vinegar and honey.
You can choose to use a lot of honey or a little.

You can stir before sealing the jar, or seal the jar and shake until well mixed. Then let the jar sit somewhere cool and dark and shake a couple of times a week. After two weeks, strain and pour into a glass jar for storage, your Oxymel is now ready to enjoy! You can taste at this time and adjust with more honey, or add olive oil and other ingredients to create a salad dressing.

*A Note on Herbs: If you are picking fresh herbs or wildflowers, always pick in clean pesticide-free location far away from road traffic. Always thank the plant. Never leave an area depleted. You can also use dried herbs for this recipe, but I would like to focus on using the beautiful wild herbs and flowers growing here in Newfoundland. You can look into the flowers and herbs in your local area, just stay safe, have respect and always give back to mama earth to replace what you take, in some form or another. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Love to you all.