Greetings from a Rock in the Atlantic,

This all started with a Dream..

I was living in the city making Dreamcatchers and wanted to move to Newfoundland to be an astrologer + tarot reader and create full-time. Once I moved here I was very inspired by the local medicinal wildflowers and the abundance of raw natural beauty. I had been suffering with skin issues and began using Calendula oil and local wildflowers to create skin treatments. I expanded my vision to focus on all-natural, mind, body, spirit healing.

Using organic and local herbs is important to me and I focus on that with everything I make. My motto is if you wouldn’t put it in your body, don’t rub it on your body, and definitely don’t bathe in it! I strive to create products that are of this land, I proudly support Newfoundland Bee farmers, using all Newfoundland Beeswax. I grow and re-plant a lot of the flowers I use, as a way to give back to the earth and the bees.

Everything I make is centered around honouring the connection to nature and nurturing the body & spirit.