Rose Magic

Collecting wild roses in the warmth of the summer sun ~ so blessed we are here in Newfoundland to have this sacred and medicinal wild rose growing abundantly

These precious ‘Rosa Rugosa’ petals are currently infusing in brandy with New Brunswick honey for a heart opening & healing tincture. 

The rose is my favorite healing flower, anytime spent with her is pure magic. 


Leo Fire

The energy in the sky moves from Water (Cancer) to Fire (Leo) with the New Moon joining the Sun, Mercury & Mars in the realm of Leo on July 23rd. 

Leo calls us to fuel our FIRE. Reminding us of the unique flame inside all of us. Leo says, do what makes you feel charged and fully LIT

Share the creativity that you’ve stored up inside your belly and let it birth forth like a flower in the summer sun.

Enjoy the gifts of this joyous season! Have fun and laugh and express yourself! Start a dream journal, colour, attempt that creative project you’ve been thinking of, nurture your inner child. 

With LOVE from a Leo on an Island. 

Backyard medicine pt. 2 

Summer is here in Newfoundland and medicine is growing all around us. 

The smell of sweet fragrant Wild Rose dances on the wind & nourishing Red Clover grows at our feet and delights our senses with it’s flashes of purple. Sturdy yarrow springs up among the tall grass with its fluffy leaves and distinct white flowers. Not only are these flowers therapeutic to look at and smell, they are very healing to many of the bodies systems. 

These are some of my all time favorite local Newfoundland healers. Seen here in this basket picked in my backyard to be dried for topical skincare oils. 

Also in the basket is some Calendula from my garden which will also be dried for infused oil. 

These herbs and flowers can all be washed and dried and enjoyed in tea, floral steams or prepared in tincture. If you feel called to these herbs I will be working with all 3 preperations this summer and offering them through my business Wild Flower Co. 

Enjoy this beautiful summer and the blessings it brings, take time to sit with and smell the flowers. Talk to yarrow, just don’t be surprised when she answers. ✨