Wildflowers Love You

Praying at the church of Dandelion.

A flower that can thrive & resist in almost any condition. Found growing in the most restrictive situations to flourishing wild and free, the strength to be found in their lessons is endless.

These beauties have long been in my heart for their golden colour, medicine and because they are a welcomed sign of warm weather after a long cold island winter.

Their bright yellow blooms are coming alive everywhere right now and it makes me so happy.

I know that not everyone shares my love of this wildflower though. It breaks my lion heart that they have such a bad reputation as a destructive weed.

When the truth is, and always has been, that the dandelion is harmless and actually quite important to the ecosystem. They are not only needed food for the bees, but their root systems are extremely beneficial to surrounding soil. Their wide-spreading roots loosen the dirt and aerate the earth, their taproots reach deep down and pull up nutrients making them available to surrounding plants.

Dandelions HELP us.

They were always welcomed by our ancestors for their nutrition, medicine & magic. This was before the concept of green pristine lawns were sold to us, and dandelions were labeled “weeds”.

The danger with our continued hatred of this wildflower is that people are then driven to use pesticides to destroy them. This is bad. It’s bad for the soil, the water, surrounding plants & poisons the bees while killing one of their greatest food sources.

This is so much more destructive than any dandelion has ever been.
And let’s not forget, what we do to Mother Earth, we do to ourselves.


Let The Wildflowers Bee.
Love Jus, (a woman on an island who cares about you.)


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