Rose Magic

Collecting wild roses in the warmth of the summer sun ~ so blessed we are here in Newfoundland to have this sacred and medicinal wild rose growing abundantly

These precious ‘Rosa Rugosa’ petals are currently infusing in brandy with New Brunswick honey for a heart opening & healing tincture. 

The rose is my favorite healing flower, anytime spent with her is pure magic. 


Leo Fire

The energy in the sky moves from Water (Cancer) to Fire (Leo) with the New Moon joining the Sun, Mercury & Mars in the realm of Leo on July 23rd. 

Leo calls us to fuel our FIRE. Reminding us of the unique flame inside all of us. Leo says, do what makes you feel charged and fully LIT

Share the creativity that you’ve stored up inside your belly and let it birth forth like a flower in the summer sun.

Enjoy the gifts of this joyous season! Have fun and laugh and express yourself! Start a dream journal, colour, attempt that creative project you’ve been thinking of, nurture your inner child. 

With LOVE from a Leo on an Island. 

Backyard medicine pt. 2 

Summer is here in Newfoundland and medicine is growing all around us. 

The smell of sweet fragrant Wild Rose dances on the wind & nourishing Red Clover grows at our feet and delights our senses with it’s flashes of purple. Sturdy yarrow springs up among the tall grass with its fluffy leaves and distinct white flowers. Not only are these flowers therapeutic to look at and smell, they are very healing to many of the bodies systems. 

These are some of my all time favorite local Newfoundland healers. Seen here in this basket picked in my backyard to be dried for topical skincare oils. 

Also in the basket is some Calendula from my garden which will also be dried for infused oil. 

These herbs and flowers can all be washed and dried and enjoyed in tea, floral steams or prepared in tincture. If you feel called to these herbs I will be working with all 3 preperations this summer and offering them through my business Wild Flower Co. 

Enjoy this beautiful summer and the blessings it brings, take time to sit with and smell the flowers. Talk to yarrow, just don’t be surprised when she answers. ✨

Summer Sun & Mama Cancer

The sun is riding high in Mother Cancer, lighting up everything and bringing warmth to all of us in the North.

Like seeds we waited in the dark of our hard shells for what seemed like so long.

There is no hiding now, as the bright sun shines light on even our shadows, urging us to step into our most true and best self.

The message is: to break free from outdated structures, limiting concepts or ideals. Clear out the clutter of old lives no longer being lived and step into your own divine light. Leave behind our hard shells that we no longer need.

~ To let your own authentic self shine like the summer sun ~

Like the flowers we bloom now.


However, with the sun, mars and mercury all in the sensitive realm of Mother Cancer, the shining sun & it’s dominant masculine energy urging us to action, may seem a little too bright right now. Maybe you are a little tender and raw outside the comfort of your shell. That’s natural.

We are soft flowers still, remember this.

Be gentle with yourself, give yourself hugs & sit by the water if you can.

The energy is potent for NURTURING GROWTH, so let yourself be tender, let yourself bloom in the warmth of the sun.

Backyard Medicine Pt. 1 – Oxymel

The warmth of Summer is here and the abundance of Spring and Summer blooms are all around us. Wildflowers and wild herbs rich in nourishment are growing, for many of us, right in our own backyard.

Whether you’re an herbalist or just wanting to benefit from these nutrients and minerals, the sheer abundance of wild edibles and herbs (especially during the warm season) can be overwhelming. 

Many people miss out on these gifts simply because they are unaware or don’t know where to begin as far as preparation goes.

Just for fun, I thought I would share some preparations that I have learned. The first one is Oxymel. Oxymel is an old recipe, derived from the Latin word oxymeli meaning acid + honey.


It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. It can be made different ways, but what I use is Apple Cider Vinegar and Raw Organic Honey. This base of acid + honey then becomes your vessel that you infuse your chosen herbs, flowers and/or berries in. 

You can choose to make an Oxymel for medicinal or nutritive purposes (or both). The ratio of vinegar to honey is based on your own personal preference and what you would like the end result to be.

For example, you could be aiming to create more of a sipping vinegar filled with specific medicinal herbs for the purpose of clearing out a chest cold, boosting the immune system, stimulating lymphatic flow etc.. Or you could just want nutrient infused vinegar that you can then use in cooking preparations, like yummy immune boosting salad dressings!

Either way, the standard preparation is the same.

You will need:

~ A clean, sterilized Mason Jar

~ Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

~ Raw and/or organic honey

~ Fresh wildflowers, herbs or berries

Place desired plant material (In the pictured Oxymel, I used Viola Tricolors) into the mason jar (1/4 – 1/5 of the way full), cover with the apple cider vinegar and honey.
You can choose to use a lot of honey or a little.

You can stir before sealing the jar, or seal the jar and shake until well mixed. Then let the jar sit somewhere cool and dark and shake a couple of times a week. After two weeks, strain and pour into a glass jar for storage, your Oxymel is now ready to enjoy! You can taste at this time and adjust with more honey, or add olive oil and other ingredients to create a salad dressing.

*A Note on Herbs: If you are picking fresh herbs or wildflowers, always pick in clean pesticide-free location far away from road traffic. Always thank the plant. Never leave an area depleted. You can also use dried herbs for this recipe, but I would like to focus on using the beautiful wild herbs and flowers growing here in Newfoundland. You can look into the flowers and herbs in your local area, just stay safe, have respect and always give back to mama earth to replace what you take, in some form or another. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Love to you all.

Lessons with the goddess Red Clover

Today’s lesson was found in the red clover patch, the flowers haven’t bloomed yet but I was so happy to find their leaves in full growth.
We always admire our blooming & the blooming of others without acknowledging all the growth it took to get there.
Be happy & content with yourself at all stages of growth, all are important and all have value.

Wildflowers Love You

Praying at the church of Dandelion.

A flower that can thrive & resist in almost any condition. Found growing in the most restrictive situations to flourishing wild and free, the strength to be found in their lessons is endless.

These beauties have long been in my heart for their golden colour, medicine and because they are a welcomed sign of warm weather after a long cold island winter.

Their bright yellow blooms are coming alive everywhere right now and it makes me so happy.

I know that not everyone shares my love of this wildflower though. It breaks my lion heart that they have such a bad reputation as a destructive weed.

When the truth is, and always has been, that the dandelion is harmless and actually quite important to the ecosystem. They are not only needed food for the bees, but their root systems are extremely beneficial to surrounding soil. Their wide-spreading roots loosen the dirt and aerate the earth, their taproots reach deep down and pull up nutrients making them available to surrounding plants.

Dandelions HELP us.

They were always welcomed by our ancestors for their nutrition, medicine & magic. This was before the concept of green pristine lawns were sold to us, and dandelions were labeled “weeds”.

The danger with our continued hatred of this wildflower is that people are then driven to use pesticides to destroy them. This is bad. It’s bad for the soil, the water, surrounding plants & poisons the bees while killing one of their greatest food sources.

This is so much more destructive than any dandelion has ever been.
And let’s not forget, what we do to Mother Earth, we do to ourselves.


Let The Wildflowers Bee.
Love Jus, (a woman on an island who cares about you.)

Getting Down to Earth

Let’s not forget who our mother is.

We are one with nature. The natural world is an extension of our own body.

But many of us have forgotten this. We feel separate.

We forget that what we do to the earth we directly do to ourselves.

When we are sick our body rings alarms, when the earth is sick, she rings alarms too.

The bees dying are a symptom of a deeper illness.

An alarm bell calling us back to the wild ways.